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Aquarian The inHEAD Kick/Snare

Aquarian The inHEAD Kick/Snare

The inHEAD acoustic/electronic hybrid drumhead delivers the best of both worlds: great sounding acoustic drums and the power and control that comes with the hi-performance FSR triggering of electronic drum sound modules. This exclusive Electro-Acoustic KICK & SNARE bundle pack includes the tools needed to bring a new level of creative potential to the heart of the acoustic drum kit; the KICK & SNARE!

Aquarian’s KICK & SNARE Electro-Acoustic Trigger bundle pack features the 14” FSR inHEAD; the world’s most advanced acoustic hybrid drum trigger. Included along with the 14” inHEAD is the inBOX; a combination signal booster, trigger conditioner and inHEAD power supply. The inBOX, when used with the inHEAD improves the performance of most popular drum trigger modules and features an input for the included rimSHOT rim trigger sensor.

The rimSHOT rim trigger sensor is designed to complement the inHEAD, and together they make up a complete snare drum triggering solution with a true head to rim relationship. The combination of the inHEAD, the inBOX and the rimSHOT make for the most accurate and advanced snare drum triggering available and allows for fingertip sensitivity, a wider dynamic range and virtually no crosstalk.

Also included in this professional kick& snare triggering bundle is the kicZONE: an easy to use and reliable bass drum trigger that works off the vibration of the bass drum head. An easy to understand triggering setup guide is included.

Aquarian’s Electro-Acoustic line of products has been designed for professional performance and ease of use.
• 14” FSR inHEAD electro acoustic hybrid drumhead
• InBOX trigger signal booster and conditioner
• RimSHOT companion rim trigger
• KickZONE bass drum trigger
• 2X adapter signal splitter
• Electro –Acoustic users guide to accurate triggering

Aquarian 14” inHEAD FSR Electro-Acoustic drumhead.

The secret to accurate acoustic snare drum triggering is IN this 14” Electro-Acoustic drumhead. The innovative, patent pending FSR inHEAD technology allows the drum and head to vibrate naturally to produce a full and resonant acoustic snare drum sound while electronically sensing even the lightest stroke of a drumstick.

FSR stand for “Force Sensing Resistor”. FSR is a type of electrical circuit that responds to pressure or touch. The inHEAD imbeds this technology into a multi-ply head that is activated when pressure is applied to the actual drumhead surface. When struck by a drumstick, the durable top ply of the head presses on the reinforced bottom ply, completing the circuit and sending out an accurate and dynamic triggered impulse.

Unlike conventional drum triggers that only react to vibration and that are susceptible to sympathetic miss-firing, the inHEAD will only trigger when it senses it is being touched or played on by drumsticks, mallets, brushes or fingers. Aquarian calls it “Force Sensing Response” and it is only available in the Aquarian Electro-Acoustic inHEAD drum products.

• Great studio sounding acoustic 3 Ply drumhead
• Advanced FSR technology embedded in the head
• Finger Tip Sensitivity
• Wide Dynamic range
• Not affected by crosstalk

Aquarian inBOX trigger signal conditioner and booster.

The inBOX is a trigger signal conditioner and booster that powers the Aquarian inHEAD’s FSR sensor and sends clean and accurate trigger signals to the inputs of any drum trigger sound module.

Inputs for both the inHEAD, and the companion rimSHOT rim sensor are located on the side of the box. An Output jack combines the inHEAD and rimSHOT trigger impulses into a combined signal that can be split and plugged into 2 separate channels of any drum trigger module. This feature allows for independent dynamic triggering of separate sounds from the snare drum head and rim.

The inBOX includes a quick release bracket that easily attaches to any drum. A replaceable 9 Volt battery (included) powers the inBOX.

• Conditions and Boosts inHEAD FSR trigger signal
• Easy connection of both inHEAD and rimSHOT
• Easy adjustment of FSR dynamic range and response
• Includes quick release mounting bracket
• For use with Aquarian inHEAD and onHEAD Products

Aquarian rimSHOT rim sensor
The rimSHOT rim trigger is made to compliment the inHEAD and delivers a complete snare drum triggering solution with a true head to rim relationship.

The isolated mounting design of the rimSHOT conveniently clamps on to any drum hoop and reduces crosstalk and miss-firing.

• isolated drum hoop mounting system
• made to compliment the inHEAD Electro-Acoustic drumhead
• made to plug directly into the inBOX
• can plug directly into any drum trigger module with optional adapter

Aquarian kickZONE bass drum trigger
The kickZONE is an easy to use bass drum trigger designed to work off the vibration of any bass drumhead. An adhesive backing makes for secure mounting and an included cord control bracket keeps the trigger cable secure.

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AERODRUMS - Lufttrummor inkl kamera!

AERODRUMS - Lufttrummor inkl kamera!

Aerodrums är ett virtuellt lufttrumset. Via din dator och en höghastighetskamera spelar du trummor i luften. Aerodrums är portabelt, tyst, uttrycksfullt, flexibelt och prisvärt. Se videon nedan och du kommer knappt att tro dina öron!

Realistiskt och utbyggbart

Aerodrums använder ett Natural Drumkit Sample Library, som ger dig högkvalitativa ljud och känsla i paritet med ett riktigt trumset. Till exempel har Aerodrums 16 olika nivåer på hi-haten öppnas och stängs och kan använda så många som 58 olika ljudsamplingar för en enskild trumma. Du kan bygga ut Aerodrums med dina egna samplingar och integrera dessa i dina trumkits. Aerodrums registrerar dessutom MIDI, vilket gör att du kan trigga en MIDI-kompatibel sampler (ex. VST Instrument såsom Toontrack’s Superior Drummer), och dessutom spela in ditt trummande direkt in i en DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Här är en detaljerad lista över trummor, cymbaler och percussion som har samplats för Natural Drum Kit Library som Aerodrum använder:

Snares: Yamaha Peter Erskine Signature Model, 10 x 4 and Pearl Masters “All Maple”, 12 x 7.
Kick drums: Gretsch USA Maple, 20 x 16 and Gretsch USA Maple, 14 x 11 floor tom, positioned and played as a kick.
Hi-hats: UFIP 13″ “Bionic Series”
Splashes: UFIP 8″ and 12″ “Natural Series” splashes.
Crashes: UFIP 15″ and 18″ “Natural Series” crashes.
China: Zildjian 19″ “K Series”.
Ride: UFIP 20″ “Natural Series”.
Toms: Gretsch USA Maple 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, one set of samples tuned for a bop sound and another set for a rock sound
Cowbell: Meinl 8” “Original Realplayer” steelbell


– Windows eller Mac från 2009 eller senare. Aerodrums är kompatibelt med Windows Vista, 7, 8 och 10, samt Mac OS X 10.6 och upp.
– Internet access för att ladda ner mjukvara och samplingar (873 MB för Windows PC, 898 MB för Mac). 

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AERODRUMS AERODRUMS - Lufttrummor inkl kamera! svk deal: 1 788 SEK