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With no assembly line boundaries and no mass production compromises, Masterworks drums truly represent all that is possible. There is no inventory. Every drum in your kit is designed by you, and hand built to your exacting specifications, one drum at a time. We've assembled an elite group of Pearl Master craftsmen in order to manufacture the finest drums the world has ever known. Masterworks drums are as individual as you are, and like no other you have heard or seen before. Completely Custom, Totally Handmade, Pearl Drums Custom Drums. There seems to be quite a few companies making them these days. Most buy shells from the same manufacturer, mount hardware they bought from some place else, and apply a custom paint job. The end result, after a lot of hype, is a custom drum set...or is it? Masterworks hopes to change the way drummers view a custom set of drums. At Pearl the word custom holds quite a bit more reverence. It means we made it, not assembled it. It means everything about the kit is made by hand, one piece at a time, by a Pearl master craftsman. From hand selecting the finest woods and painstakingly forming the shell, to die casting and plating the hardware that mounts to it, drums bearing the Masterworks badge are one of a kind ultimate acoustic instruments, hand made to your specifications, with the expertise and quality no other company can match.

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